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I WLD WLK 2020

performance, video, text


I WLD WLK is a performance video art piece representing daily walks allowable during the months of ‘stay at home’ orders in Melbourne, which for the artist will tally over 800km, 500 miles by the proposed end of lockdown.

The piece represents the repetitive routine and monotonous banality of lockdown, whist offering an intimate exploration of the local neighbourhood.


Walking* as a creative act is a performance in everyday life. It is routine and ordinary by its very mechanics and function, the movement may be neither objectively graceful nor artistic. However, a purposeful walk can be aesthetic; trancelike through the rhythm of the movement, the predictable kinetics of momentum, a perfunctory action. A permissible public performance. To walk is to mark a place by virtue of presence, and to mark time via what is left behind, what is passed by and what ahead.  


*walking includes all forms of physical or visual trajectorial movement through space

Visit the I WLD WLK project website and watch the video here

Project supported by Clocktower Centre and City of Moonee Valley

Footscray Art Prize Finalist 2021

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