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Earlier this year I 'rediscovered' a wee art piece I did back in 2015, called pieces for dis/comfort. You can see the project on my website here. Upon reading though this again I felt the same emotions and whimsy I felt at the time of creating it. It's an homage to Yoko Ono and her seminal conceptual piece "Grapefruit" from 1964. When it was exhibited, it was printed on pastel coloured paper, presented as a grid. At the time I wanted to turn it into an artist book, I still may do that. I think I'll revisit this, expand on it, ruminate on it some more.

It also evoked a sense of creativity in me that had been missing for a wee while, since I exhibited and performed LET'S SMASH THE PATRIARCHY PARTY at Hidden Door Festival in May/June.

I loved the simplicity and directness of these pieces, pieces for dis/comfort. But also the poetry and absurdity. I also loved evoking the political and feminist self in LSTPP.

I have begun working on a new project - which in a way is a coming together of these two previous works, and an extension of my thinking about an ideal future, one that in this day and age of Trump, neo-nazis, Brexit, #MeToo and too many woman being killed, is impossible to imagine.

I have been thinking about how someone would live, perform and behave in a world that was no longer patriarchal. The patriarchy is a set of rules and societal structures which prohibit so many people from participating fully in the world. Concepts for a post-patriarchal utopia will counter this, as a kind of manifesto for a possible world in which everyone can participate - creatively, productively and thoughtfully. The project will set out a number of instructions for an imagined post-patriarchal society – actions for being and thinking – many of which may be physically impossible. It is about re-engaging the imagination, and pushing the boundaries of what could be possible.

The next three weeks will be a period of research, reading, watching, following, engaging, listening and thinking. Then I will embark on a short artist residency in rural Wales, near Snowdonia National Park, for an intense creative period of conceptualising my ideas for an idealised and perhaps slightly absurd possible future, which is no longer dangerous and oppressive, but inclusive and creative.

I will be posting blog updates documenting the creative process and my creative outcomes over the coming weeks and months as Concepts for a post-patriarchal utopia unfurls.

This residency and project is supported by the Hope Scott Trust Visual Art Award.

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