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Fragmented Impressions of a Continuous Nature 2016

graphite / charcoal / slate imprint on paper

various sizes


"The bosom of the landscape lifts and falls

With its own leaden tide" - Jacquetta Hawkes

Aboard an historic ship sailing with the wind around the Inner Hebrides, last summer I participated in an interdisciplinary residency exploring the islands in the footsteps of geologist Hugh Miller, accompanied by geologists, scientists, storytellers and creative folk. As an Australian, not having lived in Scotland for very long, I encountered something incredible; a landscape I was not familiar with witnessed from the unique perspective of the sea. I learnt how the land was formed and shifted. The propulsion of the land, jutting and reaching out, as if it were still making its way across the Atlantic or squeezing itself through the earth’s crust.

I was taken by the ancient land, the expressive geology, and the lifts and falls of the landscape and sea. The form of the rocks appear repeated in the maps, the textures of the land in the sea. The movement and flow of the sea, the land and the passage of time are connected and continuous.

The grandness of the land and sea is overwhelming. The age of it all is incomprehensible. And the impression is infinite. This body of work attempts to abstract some of this greatness and present fragments of a never-ending nature.

The 'Testimony of the Rocks' voyage was organised by Dr. Joyce Gilbert and supported by Friends of Hugh Miller, Scottish Geodiversity Forum and Atlantic Island Centre.

Exhibited at Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh

1 – 12 April 2016

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